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The Best Spray Tan in Long Island is Here!

Hey lovelies!

The best spray tan in Long Island is here! At SunKiss Airbrush by Alicia, we love bronzing babes with an all over flawless tan that dazzles any time of the year. You’ll be mesmerizing and drop dead gorgeous from January all the way to December.

Summer’s in full swing; as the sparkling sun beams down, this is the perfect time to try our spray tan services, giving you a radiant beauty like none other. Wearing cakey sunscreen to prevent premature wrinkles? Uncomfortable sunburns from outdoor sun rays? Be gone. Catwalking away as a head-turning jawdropper with an enviable tan? We’ll take two, please!

Our heated airbrush application glamorizes you with a picturesque natural glow, making you look as if you just flew in from an exotic vacation in the tropical Bahamas, even if you’ve been stuck inside due to quarantine.

Our lavish body contouring shades are exclusively made for your own beauty. Certified airbrush artist and licensed esthetician Alicia customizes your tan shade based on your skin’s natural color. No need to stress about any orangey hues here! Our spectrum of shades are formulated with soothing tea tree oil, moisturizing argan oil, youth-enhancing grapeseed oil, hydrating aloe vera, and toning green tea. When we say no dry skin causing ingredients, that’s a promise we always keep.

Ready to get your dream summer body with a flawless (anti-streaky!) spray tan that lasts 5-7 incredible days? Hop over to our website to fill out a form to get your bombshell-ifying appointment booked, or call us at (631)-252-0836.

We can’t wait to make your summer dream tan a reality.



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